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Member at Large

Christine makes sculptural metalwork, jewellery, and ceramics. Her natural history education and materials research are central to creating form and meaning in the work. Historical influences can be found in the minimalism and heft of white Cycladic art, flowing art nouveau, and the modern studio artist movement with its focus on materials. She continues to develop her practice by integrating emerging technologies to make novel components that cannot be fabricated in other ways.

Most recently educated in Alberta College of Art + Design’s Jewellery + Metals program, she is also a graduate food scientist/physiologist, teacher, and public health researcher by training. She has always made: as a teen, she modelled clay figurines and animals, and competed with an anarchist pony—one act financially supporting the other—until leaving home for university. After a career in environmental and public health, she works as a full-time artist, and makes what she loves to use, to wear, and for contemplation.

Board Service History

Member at Large: 2023-Present

Secretary: 2021–2023

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