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Chair of Exhibitions

Celeste Lucero Maas (1989) is a queer Argentinian jeweller born in Viedma, Argentina. Celeste studied traditional silversmithing techniques and design in Buenos Aires at CEJ and under Maria Medici,  as well as the Italian institute Le Arti Orafe. Currently she holds a BA in Appraisal and Authentication of Works of Art from UMSA with focus in contemporary jewellery research. She has participated in several workshops with artists like Stefano Marchetti, Rodrigo Acosta, Pilar Cotter and Marta Costa Reis. 

Celeste Lucero Maas has taught in the Argentinian jewellery schools Maria Medici, Taller Eloi and her own project Mutante Jewellery School and Gallery. Currently she is part of the first cohort of metal artists in residence working under Malaspina Printmakers Society and the Vancouver Metal Arts Association.


My work explores boundaries of comfort and uncertainty through the intersectional observation of matter and sensation. I see Jewellery as a way to talk in ways in which verbal language does not suffice. As a jeweller I get to bring and shape conversations into pieces that can be carried, engaged with, and transformed again many times by new contexts and observers. In my eyes this is the language of contemporary artist jewellery.

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