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"Acetabular Cup with Encrusted Liner (acetabular component for a hip replacement)" (2019) by Holland Houdek
Hand-fabricated copper, raised, pierced, Swarovski crystals, patina

Use the form below for general inquiries. To contact a specific board member, write [ATTN] and the recipient's name and/or position in the subject line. Alternatively, email them directly using the contact buttons in each of their profiles.


Are you interested in exploring or renewing a partnership with us?

We're always open to new connections and collaborations in our community. We are grateful for the support of local vendors, events organizers and workshop instructors. Let us know how we can help you, too. You can begin a conversation by contacting us directly or by seeing if the form we put together works for you.

Carolyn Young.jpg

"Young Reflection Chamber Vertical Pendant" (2019) by Carolyn Young

Patinated copper, plexiglass, sterling silver, nylon cord


Do you have an event or opportunity you would like to share?

Please use the forms we've prepared and submit all the details we'll need to consider your request. 


for general inquiries

Thanks for reaching out to us. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

General Inquiries
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