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Cory Douglas

Member At Large

Born and raised in Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver), Cory brings over 25 years of experience in local art and architectural design to his multidisciplinary design and consulting practice. He is a Squamish Nation member with Haida and Tsimshian ancestry. Cory began his business, Modern Formline, as a graphic artist; he continues to redefine himself as he merges his academic architectural vocation with his innate creativity.

Cory is connected to the Squamish Nation through his parents and is a student of traditional Haida form and Coast Salish design under Jordan Seward, and graduated from the Northwest Coast Jewellery Arts Program in 2011, where he was taught by Dan Wallace. His metal and jewellery art practice features traditional and contemporary Salish and Haida design, Haida and Tsimshian carving, and anticlastic raising and forming techniques, as well as modern graphic design elements.

Cory’s intention is to communicate the cultural history of Canada through development, engagement and design strategies, and embedded decolonization. He is a sought-after advisor in the arts, planning development and related sectors as much due to his unique positionality of lived and professional experience as an Indigenous cultural consultant, alongside his trade as an architect, engineer and arts professional, and his relations in the local art and business ecosystem.

He joins VMAA’s board of directors out of interest in its gathering momentum in planning projects related to building decolonized and inclusive spaces for metal and jewellery artists.

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