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Social Media Chair

Joy Sotomayor was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. Sotomayor was studying Business Marketing at Douglas college for post-secondary. Because she wanted to be an entrepreneur, she knew she would be more focused and intrigued in her studies if she was able to do more hands-on tasks and assignments. Finally, she chose to pursue her passion for jewelry and is currently studying at La Salle College for Jewelry Design. Jewelry has been a huge part of Sotomayor’s childhood. Jewelry has been passed down to her from her parents, specifically her late father whom she dedicates all her work and passion to. Sotomayor’s dream of becoming a jewelry designer and having her own brand focused on timeless, genderless, and customizable pieces is currently in progress. Her passion and style is driven by the casual yet classic image and message of today’s streetwear style.


Board Service History:

2021-present: Social Media Chair

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