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2021 was the 150TH year of the birth of Italian Canadian Sculptor Charles Marega (24 September 1871–March 1939).


In honour of Marega the Italian Cultural Centre and the Il Museo Gallery partnered with the Vancouver Metal Arts Association (VMAA) for the current exhibition BEAUX ARTS. The title Beaux Arts was chosen for its reference to the artistic style of which Marega was an interpreter.

"...While the theme of Beaux-Arts goes hand-in-hand with one of its most celebrated exponents... [VMAA recognizes] some of his works were raised as monuments on traditional, ancestral and unceded lands, and that they may serve as unwelcome symbols. We recognize this is a catalyst for timely dialogue, and would like to invite artists inspired by these themes, and who have explored it in their work, to submit for exhibition."


Monika Urbaniak
Beaux Arts exhibition
Carmel Boerner
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