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studio residency scholarship

The objective of the residency is to provide a recently graduated student access to studio space while relieving some of the financial and logistical hardships in their transition post-graduation. The scholarship will provide the recipient with a personal bench space within a 24-hour access studio with communal tools and experience within a cooperative environment.


"The Wolf" (2019)

by Ange Adair 

sterling silver, copper plating

About the Scholarship

The Vancouver Metal Arts Association and Franklin Studio have partnered to provide three-month residencies to newly graduated jewellery artists in need.


The scholarship provides the opportunity for a single student engaging in a studio-based practice to develop a new body of work or complete research while engaging with the studio’s cultural community.


The residency is designed to provide time, space and facilities for research, experimentation and the cultivation of new ideas in jewellery and metalwork during the transitional time from graduation into the beginning of their career.

Coming Soon

About Franklin Studio


The Franklin Jewellery and Metal Arts Studio was conceived and designed as collaboration between the Vancouver Metal Arts Association and Canopy Projects. This studio joins in with this vision of carving out space for people to get on with life and work despite the challenges posed to by the gentrifying city.


Franklin Studio aims to harness the shared needs and resources of jewellery and metal artists to sustain a vision of affordable, community-focused arts practices.


With space for 16 artists with practices centered on a common medium, the metal arts studio hopes to create a space which combines the energies of emerging artists with the expertise of established artists. Our goal is to support the Vancouver metal artists community, providing public studio access, group workshops, artist-in-residence initiatives and a scholarship-program.

"01 Vessel" (2019)

by Sarah Hill

sterling silver and copper

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