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Artist Selection | Printermedia Arts Residency

Updated: May 29, 2023

The Vancouver Metal Arts Association and Malaspina Printmakers Society proudly present the inaugural cohort for the Printermedia Artist Residency - Metal Arts program stream.

Selected artists-in-residence (2023-2024):

Cicy Ching

Eunhui Stella Lee

Celeste Lucero Maas

Maura Tamez

Rob Van Yperen

The Printmedia Artist Residency program is located at Malaspina Printmakers Society's Howe Street Studios premises in the downtown Vancouver area, on the ancestral and unsurrendered territories of Squamish, Musqueam and Tsleil-Waututh Nations.

This Printermedia cohort is comprised of five ambitious, hardworking and collaborative artists, who have spent the past few months building up the studio, setting up equipment, and collaboratively shaping the desired outcomes for this residency.

Their diverse skill sets and backgrounds are the foundation for their proposal for the group exhibition for which they are creating work, with the working title of “Jewellery: [as] Our Language.

About the artists

Cicy Ching

Dr. Ching Sze-Yin, Cicy, uses fragmented and recycled materials as a way of reintegrating and sorting bits and pieces of her personal and collective memories into small objects and jewelry.

Eunhui Stella Lee

Stella explores through jewelry the invisible interactions of the human body and the food that makes up the body.

Celeste Lucero Maas

Through body adornment, Celeste engages with the boundaries of comfort and uncertainty within the intersectional observation of matter and sensation.

Maura Tamez

Maura's metal work is focused and connected to her ongoing research and learning with hadntn, the Ndé word for cattail pollen, and is informed by Ndé science, culture, and contemporary life.

Rob Van Yperen

Rob views his work in the jewelry field as an undying message to the future.

Pictured below: Stella, Cicy and Celeste deliberating on ideas related to their group exhibition proposal to Malaspina Printmakers Society. Photos by Ingrid Valou.

"In sharing our practice with each other, we, the metal artists, perceive the inherent differences that come from our plural cultural backgrounds. As strangers, we take notice that we thrive and relate in our unique ways through the same language; it is in this way that we find kinship through the metal arts."

- excerpt from group exhibition statement and proposal

About the Residency

For details about the original call, check out this posting.

For more information on the residency itself, visit Malaspina Printmakers Society's website.

VMAA board members Christine Pedersen (Secretary) and Monique Huynh (Member-At-Large) served as jurors to bring a metal and jewellery arts lens to Malaspina's new residency program, with Ingrid Valou (President) acting as VMAA's program liaison and supporter.

The jury was blown away by the initial response to this residency. As it was understood the space and policies built during this residency would serve both metal artists, and that the space may be used by other Printermedia Residents at Howe Street Studios (in the photography, woodworking, print and other print-related disciplines), we selected the inaugural cohort as much for their proven experience in working in or even setting up shared metal studio spaces as for their bodies of work.

Stay tuned for individual artist profiles and for their upcoming exhibition, scheduled for June 2023 at Malaspina Printmaker Society's Granville Island location.


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