2019-2020 Membership Committee Report

Prepared by Sharon Bradley, Membership & Engagement Chair

As mentioned in the Treasurer’s Report, In 2019 we had 98 paid members, a substantial increase of 33 new members over the previous year. At the time of this report we have 26 members renewed for 2020, and all lapsed members are reminded they can quickly and easily renew through our (new!) website.

The focus of my position has recently shifted from membership to exploring funding possibilities, so for the coming year I will be heading up a new Development Committee.

I am registering a Canada Council account for VMAA, so that we may be eligible to apply for a variety of grants in the future. The plan is to apply for project funding for an event or exhibition sometime in the next 1-2 years.

I researched the possibility of the Vancouver Metal Arts Association applying for charitable status, in order to open up some funding streams, but we have ultimately decided against pursuing this action for the time being due to additional costs for bookkeeping and other administrative duties that we would incur. We may revisit this possibility in the future as our membership continues to grow.