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BEAUX-ARTS Exhibition: April 8 - June 30, 2021

Updated: May 12, 2021

copper, powder coat, pearls, synthetic hair
Emily Lewis: Decadent Balance, 2019

Il Museo at Il Centro

3075 Slocan Street, Vancouver, B.C. V5M 3E4

Phone: 604 430 3337 - Please call for viewing appointment 9-5 M-F (limit of 2 persons in gallery space during Covid restrictions)

As the first exhibition in our Charles Marega 150 celebrations series Il Museo at Il Centro

presents Beaux Arts: An Exhibition with the Vancouver Metal Arts Association. This exhibition features the sculptural metal art form both large and small. Entitled Beaux Arts in honour of the artist style of which Charles Marega was an interpreter, this juried show integrates traditional metal work with non-traditional styles and elements, true to the Beaux Arts form.

Throughout the exhibition space there is a continuous juxtaposition of traditional and non- traditional aesthetics and materials. In addition to beautifully wrought metals in full scale sculptural size there are also opulent pieces of wearable art, jewelry that is ornamental but conveys significant social commentary. Then there are those ephemeral pieces which are created from found objects. Washed up on the shore, smoothed out, weathered and rough-hewn for a lifetime at sea, these mystifying pieces of unknown origin are brought to life again as a result of the artist’s hand and eye which sees their true beauty and conceives in them a new- and surprising-functionality.

This exhibition aims to redefine what we all know to be metal sculpture: is it an abstract monumental sculpture found in the public form carrying with it a time honoured message meant to endure the winds of time and change? Or is it wearable art; an object of whimsy that can be changed- moved and removed – depending on the time of day and even our every mood?

Please join us for this innovative show case in metal art featuring 19 of the finest metal artists in Vancouver.

This exhibition has been generously funded by Government of Canada Heritage in honour of Charles Marega 150.


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