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Winner | Carrie Yodanis carries Jewellery in Words Competition (2021)

VMAA is pleased to present our grand prize-winning finalist of the JIW writing competition held in 2021. Dr. CARRIE YODANIS, PhD, is Associate Professor of Sociology at UBC. She recently developed and teaches a new undergraduate course, The Sociology of Creativity, and is the author of Getting Married: The Public Nature of Our Private Relationships (2016) and Getting Dressed: Conformity and Imitation in Clothing and Everyday Life (2018). She has been a dedicated supporter of the VMAA community over the years, fusing playful irony and handmade statement jewellery in hand-forged silver. You can view other jewellery-themed articles by Yodanis here.


“Dammit! That’s hot,” I yelled.

She didn’t seem to notice. Looming over me, pointing the flame right down on me, she was just interested in me getting hotter and hotter, until I melted.

As I became liquid, I formed into a small silver ball, curled up in the charcoal.

I pushed and pulled a little bit to try to take a more unique shape, but she really wanted