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Jewellery In Words - VMAA 2021 Composition Competition

Updated: May 12, 2021

Grand Prize $300

2x Runners up $100

Open to current VMAA members ( become a member!)

2021 Theme “Jewellery Impact”

The past year has shown an increase in creative activities as people find ways to maintain their sanity at home. For many of us, the bench is a comfort, and the intricacies of metalwork and jewellery design a welcome distraction. Jewellery is a blessing to us. The innate desire to adorn ourselves brings with it an almost mystical empowerment – the desire for gold and gems is as old as time.

Jewellery impacts us all whether we make, wear, buy, or covet. No time in human history can compare to the modern day of multinational capitalism, where the materials we seek are delivered to your door at the drop of a button; our ancestors may have called it a miracle. All that glitters, in the modern world, often leaves us oblivious to the environmental origins, processes, and a long line of human work that puts it in our hands.

How does jewellery “impact” in your view?

VMAA is pleased to present our first annual call for jewellery-related writing/journalism, opinion, creative or editorial work in the following parameters:

  • 250-800 words

  • original concept according to theme

  • appropriate title

  • not previously published elsewhere

  • all research cited

  • accompanying images original or cited/available for use (if applicable)

  • entry is free to VMAA members in good standing (become a VMAA member link)

Entries will be reviewed by a jury panel, and selected articles will be featured on our website and newsletters. One grand prize of $300 and two runner up prizes of $100 will be awarded.

Deadline: May 16, 2021

To apply, fill in this Google Form.


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