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Meet the Jurors | EVOLVING SPACES: transitional in nature

Vancouver Metal Arts Association presented their 2023/2024 juried group exhibition 'EVOLVING SPACES: transitional in nature' at the Craft Council of British Columbia gallery space from January 25th - February 22nd.

As part of the selection process for our international exhibition, three external jurors were invited to adjudicate the submissions for the group show. Each juror brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from within the field.

One of our jurors, Chantel Gushue, had these thoughts to share on her experience:

As a jury member for the "Evolving Spaces" exhibition, I'm delighted to lend support to the Vancouver Metal Arts Association (VMAA) as they mark their 10th anniversary. The theme of this edition, "Evolving Spaces: Transitional in Nature," had many artists swimming into the intricate complexities of human experience, where they explored the liminal spaces between loss and growth.

I had the privilege of being immersed in the profound narratives of each artist's statement, and I was struck by the depth of emotion and the transformative journeys shared and explored. From the internal struggles of personal transformation to the challenges of cultural displacement and the creative process of embracing imperfection, each piece offers a unique perspective on evolving spaces.

These artworks serve as reminders of the ever-changing landscapes we navigate, both internally and externally. Whether reflecting on themes of identity, transformation, or environmental awareness, each piece invites viewers to reflect on their own journeys of adaptation and growth. It was an honour to read these powerful narratives and see their physical outcomes, and I'm so glad the submitting artists are sharing their stories with the community.

Past president, Louise Perrone, was invited to participate on the jury panel and shared some reflections on VMAA's exhibitions:

It was an honour to jury Evolving Spaces: Transitional in Nature, and a joy to see the exhibition come to fruition at the opening reception at the CCBC Gallery on Granville Island. The impact of the pandemic on art events has been significant, but that evening the space was filled with new and familiar faces and the sense of enthusiasm for our craft was palpable. The transformation of the gallery space was jaw dropping. Having exhibited my work at the CCBC many times in the past, I know how challenging it can be to create a suitable environment to showcase jewellery, but the VMAA Exhibitions team transformed the space in a way that made the work of 24 disparate jewellery artists sing. Having been involved with the VMAA for over 10 years, it gives me pride and hope for the future that the organization has survived difficult transitional periods and continues to evolve in new and interesting ways to serve the jewellery and metals community in Vancouver and beyond. 

Read more about each juror below:

Steve Fong

Steve Fong is a graduate of BCIT and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. He has also studied at the "Fachhochschule für Gestaltung", a well-known jewellery design school in Pforzheim, Germany. Steve comes from a long line of goldsmiths in the family. Before going into jewellery, he was involved in the Architectural field for about 5 years.

His past experiences influence his design concepts. His work reflects his concern for a well thought out and executed design.

Chantel Gushue

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Chantel is a jewellery factotum, she holds a BFA from NSCAD University and an MFA from MassArt where her studies focused on drawing parallels between crystal growth and the human condition. She maintains an active studio practice while championing projects that give international exposure to the Canadian art jewellery community like co-founding Co-Adorn Art Jewellery as well as Trōv Object Gallery and serving as Director of Operations for NYC Jewelry Week.

Link to Chantel's instagram here.

Louise Perrone

Louise Perrone is a Vancouver based artist, best known for her jewellery and installations exploring ideas about gender, labour, and sustainability. Employing techniques that combine the traditions of goldsmithing, hand sewing, and mending, her materials are derived from domestic and industrial textile and plastic waste.

Born in London, England, she holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Nottingham Trent University and a PGCE in Art and Design from the University of Brighton. In 2002 Louise graduated from Alberta College of Art and Design with a BFA in Jewellery and Metals and was the recipient of the Governor General’s Academic Medal.

Her work has featured in exhibitions across Canada, the USA, and Europe, and features in several publications including Craft Perception and Practice Volume III - A Canadian Discourse. She is a recipient of numerous awards, including the BC Achievement Foundation’s Carter Wosk Award, and the Alberta College of Art and Design Alumni Legacy Award. An active member of the arts community, Louise has served as president of the VMAA, Co-Chair  of SNAG’s Exhibition In Motion, an Advisory Team Member for Crafted Vancouver, and is currently a member of Canada’s Metalaid team. She teaches in the Jewellery Departments at Vancouver Community College and LaSalle College Vancouver, and will be teaching an online workshop about textile jewellery for Pocosin Arts this Spring.

Link to Louise's website here.


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