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Winning Entries | Snap It! 2021/2022 Jewellery Photography Competition

(For those who were not present at the VMAA 2022 AGM) we are pleased to release the winning images from the Snap It! Jewellery Photography contest. We acknowledge the time and energy it takes to hone skills in jewellery photography and share it with our organization. It is our hope that this small initiative may help showcase the talent and innovation in our jewellery community, generate new connections, and help get your name out there! Congratulations to our finalists:

Grand Prize Winner - Lena Binnington

The judges found nothing to criticize about this image, and we’re inclined to agree! From the careful attention to reflection and shadow, and the overall impact of colour, composition and contrast, the jury unanimously declared Lena’s photograph the grand prize winner.

Bullet Earrings (iolite), 2019, 18k yellow gold, silver, iolite

Finalist - Jamie Kroeger

The vibrant colour and composition of this picture made Jamie’s entry hard to resist; both the materials and their surroundings are unconventional for jewellery, and yet the photo showcases both to marvellous impact.

Lost and Found, Shingle Flats, 2019, steel, cotton and acrylic paint

Finalist - Ingrid Valou

The judges loved the inclusion of the design and creative process, and enjoyed the relationship between the subject and its context. The hues of this stunning opal draw the eye with irresistible force against the dreamy palette of the background.

Moonstruck Tree, 2022, Australian white opal, 18k gold, diamonds


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