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Snap It! | VMAA Photo Contest 2021

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

VMAA's photo contest is back!

Let us showcase your high-quality photographic images of your jewellery and metalwork on our website and social media channels.

We have cash prizes for three winners selected by a jury panel.

Dear membership, we hope you invite us “in” to visit your studio and artistic practice through your narrative of images.

The importance of photography has been a common theme of conversation in recent VMAA hangouts: it is necessary for so many aspects of a jewellery artist, be it exhibition and market applications, social media, or selling online.

Entrants found the challenge of participating in the contest helpful to check in and practice photography techniques. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements across VMAA channels, as we will provide some support for your photography ahead the contest deadline.

Tips for the ideal "Snap-It" entry

  • Backgrounds that are simple, blurred, or solid colour -- these are easiest to use in promotional settings

  • Attention to focus, to create a desirable depth of field

  • Lighting that is full-spectrum or otherwise artistically considered

  • Image is clean of dust, debris, or needless background noise

  • Jewellery featuring interesting use of material and/or impressive metal craftsmanship preferred

  • Consider a variety of approaches within your entry (you working in your studio, artistic lighting, close-up, etc.)

Snap It 2021 Prizes

Grand Prize – $250 cash and photo placement on the front pages of the VMAA website; photo credit

Runner Up X 2 – $50 cash; photo placement on main menu pages of VMAA website; photo credit

Honourable Mention – selected entries to be featured in our social media feeds, events listings, and other VMAA media with photo credit

Application Guidelines:

  • we accept submissions by current VMAA members

  • applicants must present their own photography of their own work (not outsourced to another photographer)

  • highest resolution JPEG file, at least 2,000 x 2,000 dpi

  • submissions should be completely original and not featured elsewhere online

  • submissions free from outside legally binding contracts or obligations (galleries, publications etc.) and not featured as the primary image of other websites

  • maximum 5 photos per entry

To submit:

  1. Fill this form and send all images* to (as attachments) with email subject “Snap It 2021_ [Surname, Given Name]"

  2. *Please title your photos: Surname, Given Name_Worktitle - this is very helpful, thanks!

Deadline: Entries accepted until February 28, 2022

Winners announced: March, 2022

Last year’s photo contest provided us with loads of lovely images that we used for our online promotions and announcements. It also provided the opportunity to connect in a more personal way with some members of our community and engage deeper with their unique styles and creative approach to photography and jewellery-making.

We look forward to seeing what you capture, so get snapping!


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