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Are you looking for a studio space? Know someone who is?

The VMAA, as part of its mandate to foster sharing of information and techniques as well as education and awareness of the jewellery and metal arts is on the hunt for a permanent space.

How does that affect you, and the membership at large? We want to provide a mixed use space for our members which combines gallery/lecture space, dedicated workshop facilities and jeweller/metalsmith specific studio spaces.

We are looking at several options, including Granville Island and partnering with someone locally who already runs one studio building and is planning on starting others. For us, the space would be dedicated to the jewellery and metal arts, which would be a unique premise. The space would include a mix of emerging artist communal studio space and private rooms for more established artists. Prices are potentially in the range of $240 for communal space to $600 for private rooms. This depends on interest, space requirements and finding a suitable space at a price we can all afford.

So what do we need from you? We need to know how many people would want to rent studio space/bench space in such a facility. The goal is potentially an opening for the fall, if we have the interest and demand, but we need numbers. Who needs a lower cost studio space with access to shared equipment which we will fundraise for? Who is looking for a private studio space and how much square footage do you need? What are you willing to pay? What amenities/equipment do you need access to?

The benefits, beside studio space include space dedicated to teaching workshops, particularly experimental or more advanced techniques than you can currently find on offer in the city, potential guest instructors brought in for courses from out of town. With a gallery space, we cannot only hold our own annual exhibition but can hold a variety of juried exhibitions, travelling exhibitions and solo shows, for our members as well as from the national and international community.

Also by not having to have your studio space in a mixed use building, you won’t have complaints about noise or fumes, worries about kilns and torches and greater security and peace of mind in a dedicated space.

Please let me know if you are interested, know someone who might be and whether you want to be part of the communal space or need a private room.  You can email me at If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thanks very much,

Dana Reed


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